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Marietta Office Cleaning ServicesAre you an office manager or owner of a local business? Have you been unhappy with your current commercial/business cleaning services? Perhaps you walked in one morning and noticed that the wastepaper baskets had not been emptied or that the public bathrooms were dirty and not stocked. Nothing is harder on customer service than having a dirty office.

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If you are looking for a reliable, high quality, competitively priced office cleaning service, contact us! We will customize your cleaning plans to meet your office needs and work around your business schedule. We can arrange cleanings after hours or perform touch ups during the day. If you are a 24 hour business, together we can determine the best time of day to perform high traffic area cleanings so that your office will remain clean and tidy at all times.

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Our routine office cleanings are generally done daily, after hours and include dusting of common surfaces, vacuuming of carpet areas, mopping of tiled floors or linoleum surfaces and cleaning communal bathrooms and kitchen areas. If you have a glass entry way or doorway, we will clean these areas and make sure that they are finger print free. Of course, trash cans and wastepaper baskets are emptied nightly. Just like with our residential house cleaning services, all of our cleaning team members are licensed and bonded.

Special services can also be arranged for your office. Frequently, clients ask that we do a special cleaning before and after a holiday party or quarterly polish floors. Because all of our cleaning is customized to meet your needs, rest assured that your office will be sparkling clean when you come to work, making for a productive, enjoyable day for you and your staff. Contact our Marietta Office Cleaning Service Professionals today for cleaning services you can rely on to get the job done right.

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