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If you are hiring us to perform your house cleaning needs, you may wonder what will really happen when our cleaning team arrives in your home.

Each and every member of our cleaning team has been thoroughly vetted. They have undergone a thorough screening process, include a background check and a drug screen. All of our cleaning team is insured. You can trust our cleaning team to treat your property and home with respect and care.

When our cleaning team arrives they will provide the house cleaning or commercial/business cleaning services that are included in your customized cleaning plan. This includes both routine and special cleanings that have been arranged. If you have a special request that shows up that day, we will do our best to accommodate you. Simply call our office or speak directly to the cleaning team.

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You do not need to be home during our residential house cleaning services, but are welcome to be if you so desire. Because all of our cleaners are insured and bonded, you can trust them in your home. If you provide a key, it will be handled with care.

We will always do our best to arrive at the determined time. If we are going to be late, we will call to let you know. If a cleaner will be substantially detained, we will always let you know this so we can either reschedule or you can plan appropriately. If you have a special event coming up and need emergency house cleaning services, you will always be our number one priority.

When we meet with you for your initial consultation, we will determine the level of cleaning you desire. We will always do our best to meet your cleaning needs. We recognize that the secret to good house cleaning is communication. We will contact you on a regular basis after the initial consultation to ensure that the cleaning is continuing to meet your needs, and modifying the schedule or duties as needed. Contact our Kennesaw Best House Cleaners today! We are available for you and value your input.

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